This service allows you to create a digital catalogue of all your paintings,

from the comfort of your own home.

Art Collections are a very personal thing and copying them is an enormous professional responsibility; you may want to archive the files as a heritage legacy, you may be about to move and sell some of the pieces, perhaps you would like to create art prints to sell from them? There is a possibility that your collection is large enough to fill a book? We have scanned upwards of 100 pieces for some of our Book Publishing clients and this is an excellent way to begin to organise your project. Whatever your reasons for scanning, we will provide a safe and efficient way for you to capture your treasured artworks as high resolution digital files to continue to be enjoyed by generations.

By hiring our Scanning Consultant to bring the equipment and expertise to the artwork in situ, you can avoid the effort, risk and time factors involved with the transportation of it to our studio.

In Situ Art Scans can be booked as a half day or a full day and the number of pieces scanned during that time will depend on two factors:

The size of the artwork (pieces over A3 will be scanned in sections and digitally stitched so will take longer)

Whether the pieces are in frames - if so, we may need to take them out, some pieces can be scanned through the glass and we can advise on this at the time.


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