DIGITAL DESIGNS : Our fees reflect the work involved and the extensive time, responsibility and care taken by Thumbnail to ensure

 Members' artwork is safely scanned, stored and maintained as high quality digital records in a secure database. It covers the

professional design service for building web pages, providing product layouts and an ad hoc 'on hand' support service for other

 marketing projects which Members may have during their time with us.

On line promo :            The annual fee also covers the time and creative energies required by us to promote and celebrate the

Artworks  and achievements/events of all our talented Members in our ever increasing on line community. Our Membership packages

make an assumption that Artists already have an on line presence and we aim to link into their network to expand and improve both

mutually. If this is not the case, please Contact us for advice on how to get started with Social Media and we can support you

to get started. What our Artists say

Trade Approaches At Thumbnwe are constantly making efforts on our Members' behalf to reach a wider audience of

art-interested followers, many of whom are professional managers and owners of UK Art Galleries, Craft Shops, Gift Stores,

Card & Book Shops, Art Trails and Events. This element of Membership is harder to quantify; very much a case of a

behind-the-scenes, on-going evolution of improving trade links for the betterment of Thumbnail and therefore for all of our

talented Members. Many of our Artists have sold work via our trade outlets and have achieved other opportunities for Sales,

Exhibiting and Commissions as a direct result of the relationships we nurture with them. What our Traders say

Our work ethic Thumbn is all about partnership with the Artist, as professional facilitators, where two heads are better than one,

we aim to support the people we work with to reach that next level. We provide Artists with a portfolio of beautiful high quality

printer-ready products and a professional sales platform from which to market them. What happens after this is down to hard graft

on both sides and we have found that those who are most successful here are those who work most closely with us to discuss new

 ideas, different approaches and provide a regular turnover of fresh work for their pages. By sharing, promoting and celebrating independent art, we have a much better chance of selling it than if it remains hidden in drawers, attics and under beds!


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